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Get Domain Transfer Events

GET https://unstoppabledomains.g.alchemy.com/domains/<domain name>/transfers/latest

This endpoint tracks which block and which blockchain domain names are being transferred from one owner wallet address to another.

URL Params

Name Type Mandatory Description
domain name STRING YES A domain name registered by Unstoppable Domains. See all the supported domain endings

The Resolution Service API will not return an error in the case of an invalid domain or unsupported domain ending to simplify communication.

Query Params

  • none


An object with a data field that contains a list of domain transfer events.

  • data : (array) An array with the latest transfers of the domain in different blockchains.
    • domain : (string) The domain name.
    • from : (address) The wallet address that sent the domain.
    • to : (address) The wallet address of the receiver.
    • networkId: (number) Rhe blockchain network ID
      • 1 - Ethereum or Zilliqa Mainnet
      • 137 - Polygon (Matic) Mainnet
      • 80001 - Polygon (Matic) Mumbai Testnet
      • 4 - Ethereum Rinkeby Testnet
      • 5 - Ethereum Goerly Testnet
    • blockNumber: (number) The blockchain block where the transfer happened.
    • blockchain: (string) The blockchain the domain is located (MATIC, ETH, ZIL). The blockchain names are coin types according to SLIP-0044 .


Here is an example request to query for the transfer events of the brad.crypto domain.


curl \
--request GET "https://unstoppabledomains.g.alchemy.com/domains/brad.crypto/transfers/latest" \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <YOUR API KEY>'


  "data": [
      "domain": "brad.crypto",
      "from": "0x020e7c546B1567FfC7f6202Ca5F748533523dADc",
      "to": "0x8aaD44321A86b170879d7A244c1e8d360c99DdA8",
      "networkId": 1,
      "blockNumber": 10060311,
      "blockchain": "ETH"

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