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Get Domain Transfer Events


This endpoint tracks the blocks and blockchains domain names are being transferred from one owner wallet address to another.

Request Method

  • GET


  • Bearer Token

URL Params

Name Type Mandatory Description
domain STRING YES A domain name registered by Unstoppable Domains. See all the supported domain endings


An object with a data field that contains a list of domain transfer events.

  • data : (array) An array with the latest transfers of the domain in different blockchains.
    • domain : (string) Name of the domain.
    • from : (address) The wallet address that sent the domain.
    • to : (address) The wallet address of the receiver.
    • networkId : (number) The blockchain network ID
      • 1 - Ethereum or Zilliqa Mainnet
      • 137 - Polygon (Matic) Mainnet
      • 80001 - Polygon (Matic) Mumbai Testnet
      • 4 - Ethereum Rinkeby Testnet
      • 5 - Ethereum Goerly Testnet
    • blockNumber : (number) The blockchain block where the transfer happened.
    • blockchain : (string) The blockchain the domain is located (MATIC, ETH, ZIL). The blockchain names are coin types according to SLIP-0044 .


Here is an example request to query for the transfer events of the brad.crypto domain:

curl \
--request GET "https://resolve.unstoppabledomains.com/domains/brad.crypto/transfers/latest" \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer {SECRET_API_TOKEN}'
  "data": [
      "domain": "brad.crypto",
      "from": "0x020e7c546B1567FfC7f6202Ca5F748533523dADc",
      "to": "0x8aaD44321A86b170879d7A244c1e8d360c99DdA8",
      "networkId": 1,
      "blockNumber": 10060311,
      "blockchain": "ETH"

Asking For Help

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