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Resolution Libraries

Resolution libraries are used for interacting with NFT domain names. They can be used to retrieve payment addresses, IPFS hashes for decentralized websites, DNS records and other records types. Each Resolution Library is built and maintained by Unstoppable Domains, so updates happen automatically.


Unstoppable Domains periodically releases new domain endings, and our Resolution libraries and APIs will automatically detect and support any new domain endings. It is imperative for future proofing your resolution integration to allow all domain inputs to pass through rather than implementing a front end filter (e.g. avoid hard coding domains or placing a regex filter for just .crypto, .nft, etc.).

Supported Domains for Resolution Libraries

The Resolution Libraries supports decentralized domains across two main zones:

Name Service Supported Domains
Zilliqa Name Service (ZNS) .zil
Unstoppable Name Service (UNS) .crypto, .nft, .blockchain, .bitcoin, .coin, .wallet, .888, .dao, .x

List of UD Resolution Libraries

The following table lists the UD Resolution Libraries along with links to each respective GitHub Repository.

Resolution Library GitHub Repository
JavaScript https://github.com/unstoppabledomains/resolution
Java https://github.com/unstoppabledomains/resolution-java
Swift https://github.com/unstoppabledomains/resolution-swift
Golang https://github.com/unstoppabledomains/resolution-go

Asking For Help

Please don't be shy; we're here to help. Join our Discord channel for real-time support from UD and the community if you need assistance integrating your app.