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Redirect URL Payments Guide

The Redirect URL payment flow is the easiest payment process to implement for partners. Partners do not have to setup native paid domain flows, using Stripe or Coinbase, and can instead just generate a URL to redirect payments to Unstoppable Domains to be processed.

Basically, in this case, the partner acts like an "affiliate". Partners redirect their users to the UD website where users can purchase domains and the partner receives a commission (% of the sale).


These following items are necessary to complete this Partner payment integration:

  • A shared secret between Unstoppable Domains and the partner (provided by Unstoppable Domains)
  • strictName (provided by Unstoppable Domains)

Step 1: Auto-configure the User’s Paid Domains

A common friction for users brought in by a partner is having to configure crypto addresses to a domain post-minting which the partner already knows about. If a user could be given the option to auto-configure their crypto records during the minting step then that would greatly improve their overall experience.

This example shows what information to add to the URL so that a user can be given the option to prefill crypto records during the minting step. Here’s how a valid URL could end up looking:


Step 2: Setup Query Parameters

Partners can use as many query parameters as is necessary (e.g., specifying the search term when taking a user to the search page /search?searchTerm=buyadomain.crypto), but in order to prefill crypto records for a user there are a few required query parameters that must be used.

records (required)

The records parameter should contain URL encoded and minified JSON with domains records to prefill during the minting step according to the Records Reference standard.

JSON Records Example


JSON Records Example URL Encoded


strictName (required)

The partner strictName is provided by Unstoppable Domains. This parameter may be different than resellerID found in the partner dashboard.

timestamp (required)

A number representing the milliseconds elapsed since the UNIX epoch. There is an 8 hours window from the time the signature was generated before UD considers the signature invalid.

Example in JavaScript: Date.now()


UD is considering making this field optional in the near future. Please share your feedback in our Discord Community.

signature (required)

The signature is generated by the partner and is used by Unstoppable Domains to verify both the data integrity and authenticity of the message. The signature should be generated via the HMAC-SHA256 algorithm. This authorization is necessary to help prevent attacks that may substitute insecure URL parameters.


In JavaScript, HMAC signatures can be created using the crypto-js library. Similar cryptography libraries can be used for other languages.

The message object to sign is:


To ensure consistency, the message object should be sorted recursively by its keys before generating the HMAC hash. In Javascript, you can use a library like deep-sort-object.


A shared secret between Unstoppable Domains and the partner will be required to generate the signature. It will be provided by Unstoppable Domains.

Step 3: Test the Integration

You can use Unstoppable Domains sandbox environment to test the redirect URI payments integration.

  1. Navigate to the sandbox environment with the paid domains flow query parameters appended to the URL.
  2. Purchase a domain. You can use 4242 4242 4242 4242 as the credit card number to checkout for free.
  3. Proceed to mint the domain. If you are asked to verify records to prefill when minting the domain, then the redirect URI integration is working successfully.

You just configured your Partner account to process payments using a Redirect URL.

Asking For Help

Having troubles using our services? We’re here to help. Join our Discord Community for real-time support from UD and the community if you need assistance integrating your app.