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Redirect URL Payments Guide

The Redirect URL payment flow is the most straightforward payment process to implement for Partners. You do not have to set up native paid domain flows in your application and can generate a URL to redirect payments to Unstoppable Domains to be processed.

In this case, the Partner acts like an "affiliate" where they redirect their users to the Unstoppable Domains website to purchase domains and receive a commission from the sale.

Step 1: Retrieve Your UD Referral Code

Before integrating Redirect URL payments, you must acquire a referral code from Unstoppable Domains, which helps track and reward the traffic Partners bring and share sales revenue. Please email partnerengineering@unstoppabledomains.com to request a referral code for your integration.

Step 2: Search for Available Domain Names (Optional)

Unstoppable Domains provides the Get Domains Suggestions and Domain Name Availability endpoints to check for domain names available for purchase.

Step 3: Redirect Users to the Unstoppable Domains Website

The Unstoppable Domains website accepts the ref and searchTerm fields as query parameters for processing Redirect URL payments. After preparing your parameter values, construct the payment URL and redirect the user to it in their browser:

Name Type Mandatory Description
ref STRING YES The Partner's referral code for tracking traffic
searchTerm STRING NO The domain name the user wants to purchase

Sandbox Environment:


Production Environment:



Here is an example payment URL for the buyadomain.crypto domain name and unstoppable referral code:


Here is an example payment URL that only uses the Partner's referral code:


You just configured your Partner account to process payments using a Redirect URL.

Asking For Help

If you are experiencing difficulties using our services, please know that we are here to help. You can join our Discord Community for real-time support from UD and the community, where you can receive assistance with integrating your app