Receive Your Payouts
Resellers receive payouts on a set schedule, either directly from Stripe or Unstoppable Domains depending on payment configurations. Payout information can be tracked in the UD Reseller Dashboard.
The Reseller API feature is under development due to recent upgrades to Polygon L2. When the Reseller feature resumes, it will only support domains and wallets on the Polygon L2 network. See the Polygon Developer Integration Guide for next steps.

Stripe Payouts

Stripe payouts occur daily directly from Stripe and can be tracked within the reseller dashboard by clicking on the “View Test Dashboard” or “View Live Dashboard” button depending on which payouts are being tracked.
Button selection for tracking Stripe payouts
The View Live Dashboard and View Test Dashboard buttons will only appear after the Stripe Live or Stripe Test options are successfully connected, linking your Stripe and UD Reseller Accounts.

Stripe Payouts Tab

Clicking either of the “View Dashboard” buttons displays the main tab of the payouts screen, which lists all transactions with dates and payment amounts. The figure below shows the main view of the Payouts screen.
Main/default view of Stripe Payouts (i.e., payouts tab)

Stripe Accounts Tab

Click the ‘Account’ tab to view Stripe account information or to update your Stripe banking information.
View of Stripe Account information (i.e., account tab)

CoinBase Payouts

CoinBase payouts are manually processed by Unstoppable Domains within 5 business days of receiving the payout request and only after the reseller has earned at least $600 in CoinBase sales. Resellers can request a CoinBase payout in the UD Reseller Dashboard by clicking on the “Request Payout” button.
Button location for requesting a manual payout of CoinBase sales
The “Request Payout” button is grayed out and automatically appears after the Reseller account has earned a minimum of $600 in CoinBase sales.
Resellers can receive CoinBase payouts via Stripe or Ethereum. This information is discussed and setup with the UD Finance Team before processing the initial CoinBase payout.
Last modified 2mo ago