Getting started

Unstoppable Domains supports developer integrations covering three main use cases. Those use cases are:

  1. Domain resolution

  2. Domain management

  3. Domain reselling

In each case, it may be helpful to read through our Website API reference.

Domain resolution

Domain Resolution allows developers to translate a .crypto or .zil domain name into addresses for BTC, ETH, IPFS, and more. Domain Resolution can (and we believe, should) be used anywhere your application has a "Send to: " field.

To make domain resolution easier, we've written libraries for web, Android, and iOS.

Domain resolution libraries

Access domain metadata directly

If you're familiar with blockchain development and would rather avoid an additional dependency in your application, you can also read domain metadata directly.

Domain management

Editing domain metadata can be done manually by a direct connection with the appropriate blockchain. We strongly recommend prior experience with blockchain development before starting this type of integration.

MyEtherWallet has implemented domain management and can be used as a reference implementation.

Domain reselling

If you want to resell domains, use our website API.


If you have any questions you can email [email protected] or join our development-focused Discord channel.

Free advertising for integrated apps

Once your app has a working Unstoppable Domains integration, register it here. Registered apps appear on the Unstoppable Domains homepage and Applications page — putting your app in front of tens of thousands of potential customers per day.

Also, every week we select a newly-integrated app to feature in the Unstoppable Update newsletter. This newsletter is delivered to straight into the inbox of ~100,000 crypto fanatics — all of whom could be new customers to grow your business.