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Send and Receive Crypto Payments

Unstoppable Domains allows you to make payments with over 285 cryptocurrencies using a single domain name. As long as you have configured your addresses to the domain, our members can send crypto to your domain, and it will end up in your wallet.

Still confused about how it works? If you own the ryan.crypto domain and BTC is sent to that domain, you will receive it at your BTC address. If ETH is also sent to that domain, you will receive it at your ETH address. Unstoppable Domains achieves this with a process called Domain Resolution.


Domain Resolution is the process of converting a human-readable domain name like ryan.crypto to the cryptocurrency addresses attached to them. It involves retrieving a domain’s records through Smart Contracts deployed on the blockchain. Please see the Reverse Resolution guide for converting cryptocurrency addresses into human-readable domain names.

successful domain resolving example

Successful domain resolving example

How Domain Resolution Works

In the demo above, we sent 1 ETH to the ryan.crypto domain. The application sends both parameters (currency and domain) to the Resolver Contract on the Ethereum blockchain, which returns the crypto.ETH.address record attached to that domain. The resolved address is used to complete the ETH transfer to Ryan’s wallet.

the crypto payments success flow diagram

Crypto payments success flow

A domain can store many records and key formats. To learn about our supported record types, see our Records Reference guide.

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