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Try out these names: mcafee2020.zil , tyranids.zil , loveiseverywhere.zil


Resolution is the process of taking a name and finding a corresponding a record. We say a name 'resolves' to a record.

For example, www.google.com resolves to an IP Address on DNS.

Blockchain domain names can resolve to a wide variety of records. The most basic is a crypto currency address.

The Zilliqa Name Service (ZNS) resolves names to Zilliqa Addresses.


Domain resolution information is stored on the blockchain of the related provider. Namicorn can do the calls to related blockchain to resolve domain. However, the blockchain call can take a long time (up to 2 seconds).

That is why new Namicorn() would resolve domains using Unstoppable Domains API by default which stores the cached information of the blockchain and keeps it up to date by subscribing to blockchain events.

Namicorn supports the configuraiton to make blockchain calls directly instead using {blockchain: true} option:

const namicorn = new Namicorn({blockchain: true})

You can go even deeper and configure individual providers data source:

new Namicorn({
  blockchain: {
    ens: 'wss://mainnet.infura.io/ws' // the default

This is handy when you have your own blockchain copy.