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Domain Distribution and Management Overview

Domain distribution and managemnt can be achieved via the Unstoppable Partner API and Smart Contracts.

Partner API Endpoints

The table below lists all the API endpoints provided by the Partner API, along with a description of their function and links to their documentation. For more information about the endpoints, please consult the Partner API endpoint specification.

Endpoint Description Documentation
Orders Endpoints
Buy a Domain or Claim Free Domain used to buy domains or mint free domains from Unstoppable Domains Buy a Domain or Claim Free Domain Docs
Get Order Status provides the status of your order and tells if the domain has successfully "minted" Get Order Status Docs
Domains Endpoints
Domain Name Availability checks the availability of a domain name before purchase Domain Name Availability Docs
Multiple Domain Name Availability checks the availability of multiple domain names before purchase Multiple Domain Name Availability Docs
Get Domains Suggestions provides domain suggestions based on the entered information Get Domains Suggestions Docs
Get Free Domains Suggestions provides free domain suggestions based on entered information if the partner is eligible to offer free domains Get Free Domains Suggestions Docs
Reserve Free Domain Name reserves a free and available domain for seven days; the domain is automatically unlocked if it is not minted within seven days Reserve Free Domain Name Docs
Security Endpoints
Get Fingerprint Public Key provides a Fingerprint public key to generate a Visitor ID for your order security; the endpoint returns a different key when called to avoid rate limitations Get Fingerprint Public Key Docs
Domain Actions Endpoints
Create Domain Action Request provides a list of transactions that need to be signed by the user in order to perform a domain action Create Domain Action Request Docs
Get Domain Action receives a domain action Id and provides a list of transactions that need to be signed by the user in order to perform that action Get Domain Action Docs
Get Domain Actions provides domain actions performed by a user, domain or owner address Get Domain Actions Docs
Submit Domain Action Signature submits the required data for a domain action to be executed Submit Domain Action Signature Docs

Rate Limits

Currently, the rate limits for the Partner API endpoints are set at 60 requests per IP per hour. Please note that these limits are subject to change in the future.

Fork Our Postman Collection

Unstoppable Domains offers a Postman collection that you can easily import into your workspace to quickly interact with the Partner and Domain Actions API.

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