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Domain Distribution and Management Overview

Domain distribution and managemnt can be achieved via the Unstoppable Partner API and Smart Contracts.

Partner API

Our premier solution for domain distribution and management.

  • Claim domains and subdomains
  • Create and manage custody wallets
  • Manage domains, both held in custody and self-custody wallets

For more information, please consult the Partner API specification.

Partner API v2 (Legacy)

Partner API v2 Deprecation

Partner API v2 was deprecated on Feb 12, 2024. Please check the v3 specification for integration guides.

Our legacy Partner API. For more information, please consult the Partner API v2 (Legacy) specification.

Rate Limits

Currently, the rate limits for the Partner API v2 (Legacy) endpoints are set at 60 requests per IP per hour. Please note that these limits are subject to change in the future.

Fork Our Postman Collection

Unstoppable Domains offers a Postman collection that you can easily import into your workspace to quickly interact with the Partner and Domain Actions API.

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