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Other Ways To Integrate Crypto Payments

Unstoppable Domains provides various other methods to integrate crypto payments into your applications aside from the resolution libraries. This enables you to integrate crypto payments into applications built with languages that the resolution libraries do not support.

Resolution Service API

Unstoppable Domains provides an HTTP-based API for getting domain data and metadata from every supported blockchain without accessing any blockchain APIs. Please see the Resolution Service API guide for instructions on its usage.

Resolution CLI

The Resolution CLI is a simple tool built and maintained by Unstoppable Domains for resolving domains and interacting with NFT domain names. Please see the Resolution CLI guide for instructions on its usage.

Direct Blockchain Calls

You can also resolve domain records directly from the blockchain using smart contracts without depending on libraries or resolution APIs and CLIs. Please see the Resolving Domains with Direct Blockchain Calls guide for instructions on how to do it.

Asking For Help

Please don't be shy; we're here to help. Join our Discord channel for real-time support from UD and the community if you need assistance integrating your app.