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Get Metadata for a Domain


This endpoint returns the ERC721 metadata information of a domain name in a single response.

Request Method

  • GET


  • none

URL Params

Name Type Mandatory Description
domainOrToken STRING YES A domain name or the namehash of a domain registered by Unstoppable Domains. See all the supported domain endings


An object with the following fields:

  • name : (string) Name of the domain.
  • description : (string) A description of the domain name.
  • properties : A key-value dictionary with information about the domain:
    • records : A key-value dictionary with all domain records set on-chain. This includes wallet addresses and IPFS website hashes. To get more details, visit the Unstoppable Domains Records Reference documentation.
  • external_url : (string) An external URL attached to the domain.
  • image : (string) A link to the image of the domain name.
  • image_url : (string) A link to the image of the domain name.
  • attributes : (array) An array containing the attributes of the domain name.
    • trait_type : (string) The domain attribute type.
    • value : (string) The attribute type value.


Here is an example request to retrieve the ERC721 metadata information of the brad.crypto domain:

curl --location --request GET 'https://resolve.unstoppabledomains.com/metadata/brad.crypto'
    "name": "brad.crypto",
    "description": "A CNS or UNS blockchain domain. Use it to resolve your cryptocurrency addresses and decentralized websites.\nhttps://gateway.pinata.cloud/ipfs/QmTiqc12wo2pBsGa9XsbpavkhrjFiyuSWsKyffvZqVGtut",
    "properties": {
        "records": {
            "ipfs.html.value": "QmTiqc12wo2pBsGa9XsbpavkhrjFiyuSWsKyffvZqVGtut",
            "crypto.ADA.address": "DdzFFzCqrhsuwQKiR3CdQ1FzuPAydtVCBFTRdy9FPKepAHEoXCee2qrio975M4cEbqYwZBsWJTNyrJ8NLJmAReSwAakQEHWBEd2HvSS7",
            "crypto.BTC.address": "bc1q359khn0phg58xgezyqsuuaha28zkwx047c0c3y",
            "crypto.ETH.address": "0x8aaD44321A86b170879d7A244c1e8d360c99DdA8",
            "gundb.username.value": "0x8912623832e174f2eb1f59cc3b587444d619376ad5bf10070e937e0dc22b9ffb2e3ae059e6ebf729f87746b2f71e5d88ec99c1fb3c7c49b8617e2520d474c48e1c",
            "social.picture.value": "1/erc1155:0xc7e5e9434f4a71e6db978bd65b4d61d3593e5f27/14317",
            "gundb.public_key.value": "pqeBHabDQdCHhbdivgNEc74QO-x8CPGXq4PKWgfIzhY.7WJR5cZFuSyh1bFwx0GWzjmrim0T5Y6Bp0SSK0im3nI",
            "ipfs.redirect_domain.value": "https://abbfe6z95qov3d40hf6j30g7auo7afhp.mypinata.cloud/ipfs/Qme54oEzRkgooJbCDr78vzKAWcv6DDEZqRhhDyDtzgrZP6"
    "external_url": "https://unstoppabledomains.com/search?searchTerm=brad.crypto",
    "image": "https://metadata.unstoppabledomains.com/image-src/brad.crypto.svg",
    "image_url": "https://metadata.unstoppabledomains.com/image-src/brad.crypto.svg",
    "attributes": [
            "trait_type": "Ending",
            "value": "crypto"
            "trait_type": "Level",
            "value": 2
            "trait_type": "Length",
            "value": 4
            "trait_type": "Type",
            "value": "standard"
            "trait_type": "Character Set",
            "value": "letter"
            "trait_type": "Picture",
            "value": "verified nft"

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