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Get Records for a Domain


This endpoint returns all the resolution records configured to a domain in a single response.

Request Method

  • GET


  • Bearer Token

URL Params

Name Type Mandatory Description
domain STRING YES A domain name registered by Unstoppable Domains. See all the supported domain endings


An object with the following fields:

  • meta : A key-value dictionary with general information about the domain.
    • domain : (string) Name of the domain.
    • owner : (string) The wallet address that owns the domain.
    • resolver : (string) The Resolver smart contract address. This contract is responsible for managing domain records.
    • registry : (string) The Registry smart contract address. Registry manages domain ownership, minting domains and subdomains, storing domain metadata, and burning domains. The registry also stores and manages domain records in the Unstoppable Name Service (UNS).
    • blockchain : (string) The blockchain the domain is located (MATIC, ETH, ZIL). The blockchain names are coin types according to SLIP-0044 .
    • networkId : (number) The blockchain network ID.
      • 1 - Ethereum or Zilliqa Mainnet
      • 137 - Polygon (Matic) Mainnet
      • 80001 - Polygon (Matic) Mumbai Testnet
      • 4 - Ethereum Rinkeby Testnet
      • 5 - Ethereum Goerli Testnet
    • reverse : (boolean) A boolean indicating if the domain has a reverse record.
  • records : A key-value dictionary with all domain records set on-chain. This includes wallet addresses and IPFS website hashes. To get more details, visit the Unstoppable Domains Records Reference documentation.


Here is an example request to query for the records and metadata of the brad.crypto domain:

curl \
--request GET 'https://resolve.unstoppabledomains.com/domains/brad.crypto' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer {SECRET_API_TOKEN}'
  "meta": {
    "domain": "brad.crypto",
    "blockchain": "ETH",
    "networkId": 1,
    "owner": "0x8aad44321a86b170879d7a244c1e8d360c99dda8",
    "resolver": "0xb66dce2da6afaaa98f2013446dbcb0f4b0ab2842",
    "registry": "0xd1e5b0ff1287aa9f9a268759062e4ab08b9dacbe",
    "reverse": false
  "records": {
    "ipfs.html.value": "QmVHmG6BDRsDuzcFrWw6m5ByDnzcvfQbmdQF9bbSFTUeD1",
    "crypto.ADA.address": "DdzFFzCqrhsuwQKiR3CdQ1FzuPAydtVCBFTRdy9FPKepAHEoXCee2qrio975M4cEbqYwZBsWJTNyrJ8NLJmAReSwAakQEHWBEd2HvSS7",
    "crypto.BTC.address": "bc1q359khn0phg58xgezyqsuuaha28zkwx047c0c3y",
    "crypto.ETH.address": "0x8aaD44321A86b170879d7A244c1e8d360c99DdA8",
    "gundb.username.value": "0x8912623832e174f2eb1f59cc3b587444d619376ad5bf10070e937e0dc22b9ffb2e3ae059e6ebf729f87746b2f71e5d88ec99c1fb3c7c49b8617e2520d474c48e1c",
    "social.picture.value": "1/erc1155:0xc7e5e9434f4a71e6db978bd65b4d61d3593e5f27/14317",
    "gundb.public_key.value": "pqeBHabDQdCHhbdivgNEc74QO-x8CPGXq4PKWgfIzhY.7WJR5cZFuSyh1bFwx0GWzjmrim0T5Y6Bp0SSK0im3nI",
    "ipfs.redirect_domain.value": "https://abbfe6z95qov3d40hf6j30g7auo7afhp.mypinata.cloud/ipfs/Qme54oEzRkgooJbCDr78vzKAWcv6DDEZqRhhDyDtzgrZP6"

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