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Get Records for Owner Addresses


This endpoint returns the domain name records and metadata owned by wallet addresses or configured to a resolution record.

Request Method

  • GET


  • Bearer Token

Query Params

Name Type Mandatory Description
owners ARRAY[STRING] NO A list of wallet addresses to query for domain information
resolution OBJECT NO A key-value pair of resolution records the response results should be filtered with. See the Records Reference documentation for supported key values
tlds ARRAY[STRING] NO A list of domain endings the response should be filtered with. See all the supported domain endings
sortBy STRING NO The field to use for sorting of the response. Currently supports id (domain ID), name (domain name alphabetically), and created_at (domain creation date)
sortDirection STRING NO The order to use for sorting of the response. Currently supports ASC (ascending) and DESC (descending)
perPage NUMBER NO The number of results to return per response page. Must be a value between 1 and 200
startingAfter STRING NO The API will skip the results before this value in the response. This value depends on the nextStartingAfter response field

If your request must include multiple owners or tlds fields, you need to use a new owners or tlds query param instance for each wallet address and TLD.


An object with a data field that contains a list of domain details and some meta about the request.

  • data : (array) An array with the data and metadata of domains owned by a wallet address.
    • id : (string) The domain ID.
    • attributes : A list of domain details. The details are the same as for Get records for a domain response.
  • meta : Contains list metadata.
    • perPage - (number) The number of elements in the list in a single response.
    • nextStartingAfter - (string) A value you can pass in the startingAfter query parameter to get the next page of the domains list.
    • sortBy - (string) The field used to sort the domains list.
    • sortDirection - (string) The order of applied sorting (ascending or descending).
    • hasMore - (boolean) It indicates if the response has more domains to show in the next pages.


Here is an example request to query for the records and metadata of domains with a resolution record and are owned by either of two wallet address:

  • 0x8aad44321a86b170879d7a244c1e8d360c99dda8
  • 0xF5FFF32CF83A1A614e15F25Ce55B0c0A6b5F8F2c
  • {"crypto.BTC.address": "bc1q359khn0phg58xgezyqsuuaha28zkwx047c0c3y"}
curl \
--request GET "https://resolve.unstoppabledomains.com/domains?owners=0x8aad44321a86b170879d7a244c1e8d360c99dda8&owners=0xF5FFF32CF83A1A614e15F25Ce55B0c0A6b5F8F2c&resolution%5Bcrypto.BTC.address%5D=bc1q359khn0phg58xgezyqsuuaha28zkwx047c0c3y" \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer {SECRET_API_TOKEN}'
    "data": [
            "id": "brad.crypto",
            "attributes": {
                "meta": {
                    "domain": "brad.crypto",
                    "blockchain": "ETH",
                    "networkId": 1,
                    "owner": "0x8aad44321a86b170879d7a244c1e8d360c99dda8",
                    "resolver": "0xb66dce2da6afaaa98f2013446dbcb0f4b0ab2842",
                    "registry": "0xD1E5b0FF1287aA9f9A268759062E4Ab08b9Dacbe"
                "records": {
                    "ipfs.html.value": "QmTiqc12wo2pBsGa9XsbpavkhrjFiyuSWsKyffvZqVGtut",
                    "crypto.ADA.address": "DdzFFzCqrhsuwQKiR3CdQ1FzuPAydtVCBFTRdy9FPKepAHEoXCee2qrio975M4cEbqYwZBsWJTNyrJ8NLJmAReSwAakQEHWBEd2HvSS7",
                    "crypto.BTC.address": "bc1q359khn0phg58xgezyqsuuaha28zkwx047c0c3y",
                    "crypto.ETH.address": "0x8aaD44321A86b170879d7A244c1e8d360c99DdA8",
                    "gundb.username.value": "0x8912623832e174f2eb1f59cc3b587444d619376ad5bf10070e937e0dc22b9ffb2e3ae059e6ebf729f87746b2f71e5d88ec99c1fb3c7c49b8617e2520d474c48e1c",
                    "social.picture.value": "1/erc1155:0xc7e5e9434f4a71e6db978bd65b4d61d3593e5f27/14317",
                    "gundb.public_key.value": "pqeBHabDQdCHhbdivgNEc74QO-x8CPGXq4PKWgfIzhY.7WJR5cZFuSyh1bFwx0GWzjmrim0T5Y6Bp0SSK0im3nI",
                    "ipfs.redirect_domain.value": "https://abbfe6z95qov3d40hf6j30g7auo7afhp.mypinata.cloud/ipfs/Qme54oEzRkgooJbCDr78vzKAWcv6DDEZqRhhDyDtzgrZP6"
    "meta": {
        "perPage": 100,
        "nextStartingAfter": "12777",
        "sortBy": "id",
        "sortDirection": "ASC",
        "hasMore": false

The response has more data that is not included on the first page, so the query for the next page would use the nextStartingAfter response value:

curl \
--request GET "https://resolve.unstoppabledomains.com/domains?owners=0x8aad44321a86b170879d7a244c1e8d360c99dda8&owners=0xF5FFF32CF83A1A614e15F25Ce55B0c0A6b5F8F2c&resolution%5Bcrypto.BTC.address%5D=bc1q359khn0phg58xgezyqsuuaha28zkwx047c0c3y&startingAfter=30031" \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer {SECRET_API_TOKEN}'

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