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Resolution Service Error Codes

Below is a list of all the error codes you might encounter when using the Resolution Service API. The errors are in JSON format.

    code: string, // one of our custom error names
    message: string, // human-readable error summary
    errors: [
            httpCode: number, // error status code
            name: string, // one of our custom error names
            message: string // human-readable error summary

The Resolution Service API will not return an error in the case of an invalid domain or unsupported domain ending to simplify communication.

400 Error: Bad Request

Error Message Description
perPage must not be greater than 200 The provided perPage parameter is a value greater than 200
perPage must not be less than 1 The provided perPage parameter is a value less than 1
perPage must be an integer number The provided perPage parameter is not an integer value
sortDirection must be one of the following values: ASC, DESC The provided sortDirection parameter value is not ASC or DESC
sortBy must be one of the following values: id, name, created_at The provided sortBy parameter value has to be either id, name or created_at
Invalid TLD list provided The Resolution Service API does not support the provided list of domain endings
Invalid resolution records provided The provided resolution parameter value contains records not supported by the resolution service API. See the Records Reference guide for supported key values

403 Error: Forbidden

Error Message Description
Please provide a valid API key The provided API key is invalid or has expired

404 Error: Not Found

Error Message Description
Not Found Could not find the requested resource(s)

429 Error: Too Many Requests

Error Message Description
Too many requests, please try again later You have exceeded the API rate limit

Asking For Help

If you are experiencing difficulties using our services, please know that we are here to help. You can join our Discord Community for real-time support from UD and the community, where you can receive assistance with integrating your app