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Resolution Service API

The Resolution Service provides an API for getting domain data and metadata regardless of the blockchain in which the domain is stored. The service caches blockchain events in a database for easy retrieval without accessing any blockchain APIs.

With the Resolution Service API, you can quickly build applications directly communicating with the blockchain to get UD domain data with a single API request.

Supported Domains Endings

The Resolution Service API supports decentralized domains across two main zones:

Name Service Supported Domains
Zilliqa Name Service (ZNS) .zil
Unstoppable Name Service (UNS) .crypto, .nft, .blockchain, .bitcoin, .coin, .wallet, .888, .dao, .x

Unstoppable Domains periodically releases new domain endings, and our Resolution libraries and APIs will automatically detect and support them. Therefore, do not implement a front-end filter into your application (e.g., hard-coding domains or placing a regex filter for just .crypto, .nft, etc.). We also provide an API endpoint to query for supported domain endings.

Getting Started With Alchemy

Generating an API Key

Before being able to make any requests to the API, you must create an API key via the Alchemy dashboard.


The API key provided by Alchemy is free and effectively unlimited (no cost to open source projects). However, storing the keys in a secret manager or environment variables for open-source projects like other third-party APIs is advisable.

Making Requests to the API

All requests made to the Resolution Service API must contain the following headers:

Header Name Description
API KEY The Alchemy API key as a string

Quickstart Guide

Here’s a guide on setting up your Alchemy account and querying the Unstoppable Domains Resolution Service API.

API Endpoints Spec

Endpoint Short Description Documentation
Get records for a domain returns all the records attached to a domain name. Get Domain Records Docs
Get records for owner addresses returns all the domain names, records, and metadata owned by a wallet address or configured to a resolution record. Get Records for Owner Docs
Get domain transfer events returns the transfer history of a domain name. Get Domain Transfers Docs
Get supported TLDs returns all the domain endings supported by Unstoppable Domains. Get Supported TLDs Docs

Asking For Help

Having troubles using our services? We’re here to help. Join our Discord Community for real-time support from UD and the community if you need assistance integrating your app.