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Login with Unstoppable Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Data is stored on users’ personal servers. To start, Unstoppable will run the first servers, but the goal is to have every user running their own server. Think running a Raspberry Pi or renting a personal server on Amazon or a decentralized protocol. Just like how everyone now owns a mobile phone, we think one day we’ll all have our own server, ultimately giving us full ownership and control of our data.

When a user visits an app and logs in with their domain:

  1. The app reads the domain and directs the user to the authorization server saved to that domain name.
  2. The user then authenticates and grants access to the information requested by signing a transaction with the wallet that owns their domain.
  3. The app receives an access token and an id token from the authorization server with the user’s contact information (e.g., email address).
  4. The app and user now have an open communication channel!

Will Login be a paid service?

No, Login with Unstoppable is a free feature members get with the purchase/ownership of their Web3 domain. It is free to use and free for apps to integrate.

How is this different from Login with Ethereum?

Login with Unstoppable is live and available for use. We see it as becoming the foundations of your digital identity. That’s why we don’t charge renewal fees on our domains, we don’t think you should ever be able to lose your identity.

How is this different from logging in with a wallet?

Login with Unstoppable allows people to login to apps using their desired username instead of using a bank account number/wallet number. Additionally, Login with Unstoppable offers users and apps the ability to permission the sharing of off-chain data should a user choose, which is not available using a wallet.

Also with Login with Unstoppable your identity/login is associated to your Web3 domain, so you can transfer it to a different wallet down the road should you desire. You can't transfer your private key.

Can users choose what information to share with each app?

In time they will be able to. We’re continuing to make improvements to Login with Unstoppable. Today we’ve limited the data that can be shared (email address, domain name), but in time as we introduce additional metadata that users can share we will also introduce more flexibility and controls.

Can users create accounts from the Login app?

No, you can’t currently create an account from the app, so users will need to create one on Unstoppable Domains first.

Which apps are currently integrated with Login?

See our official list of application integrations here.