Scopes for Login
This page details the scopes currently supported by Login with Unstoppable.
Login with Unstoppable uses the concept of scopes to request data about a user. Instead of requesting all of a user's information at once, scopes are used to ask for granular information about a user (e.g., a wallet address; an email address). Each scope returns a set of user attributes called claims. If the user authorizes the access associated with a scope, the claims are returned inside the ID Token associated with that authorization.
Scopes are expressed as the scope parameter inside of each authorize request. Each scope inside the parameter are case sensitive strings called scope tokens separated by spaces.
An example scope configuration:
"scope": “openid wallet email:optional”
The scopes requested by an application varies depending on the type of user data needed by the application. The scopes requested by the application will be presented to the user in a list.
Example scope list presented to UD users
Login with Unstoppable supports the following scopes which are detailed below:

openid Scope

The openid scope is a special scope required for all Login with Unstoppable requests. The scope indicates to the server to return an OIDC compatible ID Token containing the rest of the user’s claims.
This is a required scope for using Login with Unstoppable. The OpenID scope must be included in addition to any other scope used to integrate this feature.

wallet Scope

The Login with Unstoppable wallet scope is best used for retrieving metadata about the user’s wallet. It returns two custom claims:
  1. 1.
    wallet_address - The address associated with the domain.
  2. 2.
    wallet_type_hint - A string indicating the type of wallet associated with the domain with two possible values:

email Scope

The Login with Unstoppable email scope can be used to retrieving metadata about the user's preferred email address. It is based on the OIDC Standard email scope.

email:optional Scope

The Login with Unstoppable email:optional scope is used to retrieve metadata about the user's preference for sharing their email address. Users will be able to select or deselect this option in the UI presented to them. If the user consents to sharing their email a same claims associated with the email scope will be returned.
UI for email:optional scope
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