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Resolve Domains With Direct Blockchain Calls

Web3 domain names are domain names launched as smart contracts on public blockchains. What sets them apart from traditional domain names (like .com) is that Web3 domains are stored by their owners in their wallet like cryptocurrency, and no third party can change or remove them.

One strategy for resolving domains is to read directly from the blockchain. This is a secure method of resolving domains, but this method requires manual updates and modifications as it is not maintained by UD like the Resolution Libraries, Resolution CLI, or Resolution Service API. Please see the Reverse Resolution guide for converting cryptocurrency addresses into human-readable domain names.


Unstoppable Domains periodically adds new domain endings, and our Resolution libraries and APIs are designed to detect and support them automatically. This means you do not need to implement a front-end filter in your application (e.g., by hard-coding specific domains or using a regex filter for only .crypto, .nft, etc.). We also provide an API endpoint to query for supported domain endings.