Resolution Libraries

This page reviews the different resolution library options that can be used for resolving a domain. The libraries are fully supported and maintained by UD.

Resolution libraries are used for interacting with blockchain domain names. They can be used to retrieve payment addresses, IPFS hashes for decentralized websites, DNS records and other records types. Each Resolution Library is built and maintained by Unstoppable Domains, so updates happen automatically.

Supported Domains for Resolution Libraries

The Resolution Libraries support decentralized domains across three main zones:

Name Service

Supported Domains

Zilliqa Name Service (ZNS)


Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

.eth, .kred, .xyz, .luxe

Unstoppable Name Service (UNS)

.crypto, .nft, .blockchain, .bitcoin, .coin, .wallet, .888, .dao, .x

Use Case: Retrieve a Domain Record

Retrieve any record of a domain. Applications sometimes set custom records for a domain to use within their application. The code snippets below show how to do this for Java, JavaScript, Swift, and Golang.

String record = resolution.getRecord("ryan.crypto", "custom.record.value");
assertEquals("Example custom record value", record);
const { default: Resolution } = require('@unstoppabledomains/resolution');
const resolution = new Resolution();
function resolveCustomRecord(domain, record) {
.records(domain, [record])
.then((value) => console.log(`Domain ${domain} ${record} is: ${value}`))
resolveCustomRecord('homecakes.crypto', 'custom.record.value');
// Lookup specific records
resolution.record(domain: "ryan.crypto", record: "custom.record.value") { result in
switch result {
case .success(let returnValue):
// Example custom record value
let recordValue = returnValue
case .failure(let error):
print("Expected record value, but got \(error)")
uns, _ := resolution.NewUnsBuilder().Build()
ethAddress, _ := uns.Addr("brad.crypto", "ETH")
fmt.Println("ETH address for brad.crypto is", ethAddress)

List of UD Resolution Libraries

The following table lists the UD Resolution Libraries along with links to each respective GitHub Repository.


If you have any questions or need assistance with using UD resolution libraries, join our Discord channel for real-time support from us and the community.