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Title of Use Case

This use case will show or explain how to [do something] with [UD product]. [Provide a 1-2 sentence summary of what scenario will be explained to help the user understand UD products better or how to get started]

How does [UD Product] work?

[Provide a brief overview of how the product works from the perspective of this specific use case, including benefits to partners who integrate this product and/or users who might use this feature]

[embed a video, image, and/or code snippet that helps further explain the use case]

// example code snippet

Are there any working integrations or live examples of [UD Product]?

[Provide a list of links to working integrations, live examples, or embed youtube/twitter video that advertises partners using this product]

How do I get started with [UD Product]?

[Explain the next steps the user, developer or partner can do next and include links to product getting started pages, high-level overviews, and integration guides (when applicable)]

Additional Questions

[Additional questions can be added to the use case as it makes sense, but do not exceed 5 total questions or section headings]