Get A Test Domain
This page describes the process for requesting a free test domain as a developer.
To make integrations easier, Unstoppable Domains allows developers to request a free domain. To distinguish these test domains from paid domains, all test domains are prefixed with udtestdev-. For example:
  • udtestdev-freedomainisawesome.crypto
  • udtestdev-test-wallet-integration.wallet
You can use any available domain extension for your free domain (except .zil).
To prevent abuse, we ask that developers cover the cost of minting and transferring these domains to their wallets. Unstoppable Domains does not make any money from issuing test domains.
You can get your test domains on the Unstoppable Website Faucet or by direct smart contract calling using Etherscan.

Get a domain using Unstoppable Website faucet

Get a domain using Etherscan


  • MetaMask or any wallet with WalletConnect support
  • Ether on your Ethereum wallet to pay transaction fees
To calculate the transaction fee you'd like to target you can use services like ETH Gas Station. The average transaction gas usage to mint and transfer a new domains is around 180,000 gas.

Get a domain

  • Open the domain request Smart Contract using Etherscan
  • To get a test domain on testnet find Smart Contract address in reference table
  • Connect your wallet
  • Pick the suffix you'd like to use for the domain and press the “Write” button to start the transaction
  • Sign the transaction
IMPORTANT: If transaction takes more gas than expected (more than 200,000 gas to call the claim method) or fails, that domain name may be already claimed. Double check it's available and contact us if you continue to have problems.
That's it! You're the new proud owner of a udtestdev-<name>.crypto test domain. Happy hacking!
If you have any questions, we're ready and willing to help on our developer Discord Community.
Last modified 3mo ago