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Polygon Migration FAQ

What are the benefits of bridging from Ethereum to Polygon?

We are able to cover all gas fees on Polygon via our website for management. This means you can manage all the following for free:

  • Crypto addresses
  • Domain profiles
  • Verified NFT avatars
  • Decentralized websites

Do I have to bridge my domain from Ethereum to Polygon?

Nope - the choice is all yours! It’s only necessary if you want to manage your domains for free on Polygon.

Do I need to pay gas fees to bridge?

You will be responsible for paying the one-time ETH gas fee for bridging. We will cover all MATIC gas fees on Polygon thereafter.

What is the difference between Ethereum and Polygon domains?

Ethereum domains reside on L1 (mainnet), whereas Polygon domains reside on L2 (sidechain), with each having a different list of supported applications for browser/wallet resolution.

Can I move my domain back to Ethereum after moving it over to Polygon?

When the L2 to L1 bridge becomes available in early Q2.

Gas is too damn high! Will UD send me credit to move to Polygon?

You’ll be responsible for covering the one-time ETH gas fee related to bridging. However, all MATIC fees will be covered by UD on our website afterwards! With our move to Polygon, we’re proud to have saved our members over $100M in gas fees to date.

Will the information like my crypto addresses, websites and NFT avatar move to Polygon also?

Yes the final stage of bridging includes automatic transfer of domain records from Ethereum to Polygon.