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Set up Partner API Access Guide

This page explains the process for creating an account and applying to become an authorized partner for Unstoppable Domains.


The Partner API only supports domains and wallets on the Polygon L2 network. See the Polygon Developer Integration Guide to get started.

Step 1: Apply for API Access

You must create an Unstoppable Domains Sandbox or Production Partner account. You may Login using your existing Unstoppable Domains account information or Sign Up if you don’t already have an account.

Login or sign-up options for new partners

Login or sign-up options for new partners

Step 2: Submit Approval for API Key

After logging in, you will have the option to submit a partner application. Please complete the required information and submit the application. The review process takes up to five business days but is usually sooner.


To avoid missing the email about your partner application status, please update your email settings to approve messages from notifications@unstoppabledomains.com, so it doesn’t end up in your spam folder.

After your application is approved, you will be given full access to your Partner API credentials to view your ResellerID and update payment information.

Step 3: Configure Payment Information

The Partner API must be configured with one or more payment options before users can begin purchasing domains. Please follow the instructions in the Partner Integration Guides to integrate one or more payment methods for your partner account.


You just registered to become an official Unstoppable Domains Partner.

Help Us Improve

Please take a few moments to answer some questions about your experience with our Partner API. Your feedback will help us improve our services.