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Reseller API Endpoints

For details about the API endpoints, see the Reseller API Endpoint Specification. These endpoints are specified in OpenAPI format, which provides an interactive API explorer in which you can try out sample API calls.

The Reseller API endpoints are as follows:

  • GET Domain Name : checks availability of domain name before purchase
  • GET Domains Suggestions: provides domain suggestions based on entered information
  • GET Domains Suggestions Free: provides free domain suggestions based on entered information if Reseller is eligible to offer free domains
  • POST Orders : used to buy domains or mint free domains from Unstoppable Domains
  • GET Order Number : checks blockchain transaction status to see if domain is successfully “minted”

The Reseller API is limited to 60 requests per hour. However, this is subject to change in the future.

Upcoming Features

This new API endpoint will be added in the next update:

  • POST Reserve Free Domain : reserves a free and available domain for 7 days; the domain is unlocked automatically if it is not minted within 7 days

To reserve or lock a free domain the reseller must provide a unique user identifier (this could be an email, or some other internal user identifier). The same identifier must be provided when minting the domain (using the POST Orders endpoint).

Asking For Help

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