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Getting Started With the Resolution Service

Acquire an API Key

Before you can make any request to the Resolution Service API, you must acquire an API key from Unstoppable Domains. Please refer to this document to acquire an API key or email partnerengineering@unstoppabledomains.com to request an API key for your integration.


The API key provided by Unstoppable Domains is free to acquire (no cost to open source projects). However, storing the keys in a secret manager or environment variables for open-source projects like other third-party APIs is advisable.

Authenticate Your Requests

The Resolution Service API uses Bearer Tokens to authorize requests with the API key gotten from Unstoppable Domains.

Field Name Value
Security Scheme Type HTTP
HTTP Authorization Scheme bearer
Bearer Format a token provided by Unstoppable Domains

Fork Our Postman Collection

Unstoppable Domains offers a Postman collection that you can easily import into your workspace to quickly interact with the Resolution Service API.

Run in Postman