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UD Dashboard Configuration Guide

Step 1: Open the Domain Manage Page

Select a domain you want to set as your reverse record and navigate to its Manage page. The domain you choose is what applications that integrate with Unstoppable Domains will display for your address.

Select your primary domain

select your primary domain

Step 2: Set the Reverse Record

Navigate to the Reverse Resolution tab on the manage page sidebar (left side of the screen) and click the Start Record Update button to add a reverse record to your domain.

Set the reverse record

set the reverse record

Step 3: Sign the Transaction

Click the Sign button to sign a transaction confirming you own the address you're setting the reverse record.

Sign the transaction

sign the transaction

After signing the transaction, you can view its details on the blockchain explorer, like so:

Reverse record adding transaction

reverse record adding transaction

Now, applications that have integrated Reverse Resolution will be able to show the reverse record for your domains instead of your wallet address.


You have successfully configured Reverse Resolution for your domain using the UD dashboard. Happy hacking!