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Resolution Libraries Integration Guide

This guide covers how to retrieve the reverse record of UD domains using the Resolution Libraries. This process requires using the language-specific and blockchain-agnostic libraries managed by Unstoppable Domains. Please see the Resolution Libraries Overview for a detailed description and configuration guide for the libraries.

Reverse Resolution for an Address

To resolve the reverse record of a wallet address, you must call the appropriate method from the resolution library in the language you choose and provide the address parameter.

const {default: Resolution} = require('@unstoppabledomains/resolution');
const resolution = new Resolution({
  sourceConfig: {
    uns: {
      network: 'polygon-mumbai',

function reverseTokenId(address) {
    .then((tokenId) => console.log(address, 'reversed to', tokenId))
    // tokenId consists the namehash of the domain with reverse resolution to that address

function reverseUrl(address) {
    .reverse(address, {location: 'UNSLayer2'})
    .then((domain) => console.log(address, 'reversed to url', domain))
    // domain consists of the domain with reverse resolution to that address
    // use this domain in your application


You have successfully integrated reverse resolution using UD's Resolution Libraries. Happy Hacking!

Asking For Help

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