Reseller API Endpoints
This page details the Reseller API Endpoints and links to the external Reseller API Specification.
The Reseller API feature is under development due to recent upgrades to Polygon L2. When the Reseller feature resumes, it will only support domains and wallets on the Polygon L2 network. See the Polygon Developer Integration Guide for next steps.
For details about the API endpoints, see the Reseller API Endpoint Specification. These endpoints are specified in OpenAPI format, which provides an interactive API explorer in which you can try out sample API calls.
There are six endpoints in the Reseller API:
  • GET Domain Name Availability: checks availability of domain name before purchase
  • POST Buy Domain: used for buying domains from UD
  • GET Order Status: checks blockchain transaction status to see if it is successfully “mined”
  • GET User Status: checks if user has a domain and whether they are eligible for a free domain
  • GET Reverse Lookup: retrieves all domains that are connected to certain owner
  • GET Domains Variations: provides domains variants, or similar domains, based on provided domains and labels
For assistance with this API Specification, please join our Discord channel for real-time support from UD and the community.
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