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Build Your Static Website Guide

Once you have purchased your Unstoppable Domain, there are many options available for building and hosting your website, depending on the features you want.

Step 1: Configure Your Site

Hosting a d-website on IPFS is slightly different from hosting it on a centralized web server and you will need to ensure that your website is properly configured for the IPFS network. All IPFS websites must adhere to the following constraints:

  • All of the content for your website is contained in one directory, with an index.html file at the top level.
  • All links within your source files are relative links.

You can build your static website using any tool or platform, as long as its output meets these requirements.

Step 2: Select a Site Building Option

Here are a few options for creating your static site:

Unstoppable Domains Templates

In the templates/unstoppable-domains directory you will find all of the templates available on the Unstoppable Domains website builder feature. In the index.htmlfiles for each template directory you will find comments pointing to the items we use for updating in the website builder.

  • The inline CSS styles are the options available to update in the website builder
  • SVG Icons are inlined so that colors can be updated

Developers can personalize current website templates or fork our open source templates in the UD D-Web repository for greater customization.

IPFS Community Templates

Author Template Available In Builder (y/n)
@aranhaagency Stellar n
@aranhaagency Stellar Simple n
@zzzaim Personal Minimalist y
@caseykey IPFS Music Player n
@inspireme6 Simple Portfolio y
@dsgriffin 4 Sale y
@verymanley Ambitious (opacity) n (pending)
@iguessitsokay Elipsis Portfolio n (pending)

Step 3: Upload Your Site to IPFS

The next step after building the site is to upload the entire website --as a single directory folder-- to IPFS. There are several ways to achieve this, so please review the guide on Uploading Your Site to IPFS.


You just built your static website and configured it for IPFS.