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UAuth Web3-Onboard Library

The @web3-onboard/uauth package is a module used for integrating UAuth with Blocknative Web3-Onboard applications.


The default export for the @web3-onboard/uauth library. Implements Web3 Onboard WalletInit.

function uauthModule(options: UauthInitOptions): WalletInit;


The options object passed to uauthModule.

type UauthInitOptions = {
  clientID: string; // required and will throw an error if not included: links dapp to Unstoppable Domains for customization
  redirectUri: string; // required and will throw an error if not included: used for pop-up and callback redirection
  scope?: string; // default = 'openid wallet'
  shouldLoginWithRedirect?: boolean; // if true, redirects to your callback page
  bridge?: string; // default = 'https://bridge.walletconnect.org'
  qrcodeModalOptions?: {
    mobileLinks: string[]; // set the order and list of mobile linking wallets
  connectFirstChainId?: boolean; // if true, connects to the first network chain provided


If shouldLoginWithRedirect is set to true, the uauthModule instance will use the uauth.login() method instead of the default, uauth.loginWithPopup().