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Best Practices for Integrating Partner API v2 (Legacy)

Partner API v2 Deprecation

Partner API v2 was deprecated on Feb 12, 2024. Please check the v3 specification for integration guides.

Here are best practices to ensure the proper integration of the Unstoppable Domains Partner API v2 (Legacy) into your applications:

Simplify Your Domain Search Fields With the Domains Suggestions Endpoint

Instead of making API calls to both the Domain Name Availability and Get Domains Suggestions endpoints to check the availability of a domain name and generate domain suggestions for a domain search field, you can make a single request to the Get Domains Suggestions endpoint with the requested domain name as a search parameter. If the domain name is available, it will be at the top of the list, along with other suggestions.

domain suggestions search demo

domain suggestions search demo

domain suggestions API response

domain suggestions API response

Utilize Free Domains as an Incentive To Complete KYC

Since distributing Free Domains requires strict anti-abuse measures, such as KYC, we recommend claiming a free domain as an incentive to complete KYC within your application.

Only Pre-fill Crypto Records if Your App Is a Wallet

Unstoppable Domains Partner API v2 (Legacy) can pre-fill crypto payment addresses for the user during the minting process, which adds complexity to the implementation. Therefore, we only recommend doing this if your application is a wallet since wallets contain the addresses of various cryptos for the user.

Don’t Use Your Secrets in the Frontend

Using your Partner API v2 (Legacy) key from the backend of your application is recommended rather than the frontend. If the API key is placed in the frontend, it becomes accessible by anyone who has access to the client-side code, increasing the risk of unauthorized access or misuse. To protect against this, use the API key from the backend to keep it secure.