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Send and Receive Crypto Payments in Your App

How does it work?

The Unstoppable Domain algorithm converts cryptocurrency addresses to a human-readable or user-friendly name. This makes it easier to send and receive crypto payments because you don't have to remember long wallet addresses or worry about copy/paste errors when sending payments. Unstoppable Domains supports 260+ cryptocurrencies with more support added each year.

The most common way to integrate with Unstoppable Domains is through simple domain resolution. Domain Resolution allows developers to translate an Unstoppable Domains NFT, for example '.crypto' and '.zil', into addresses for BTC, ETH, IPFS, and more. This means that domain Resolution can be used anywhere your application has a "Send to: " field.

Are there working integrations for this feature?

You can find additional working integrations on UD's Applications List, filtered by the Payment feature.

How do I get started?

To make domain resolution easier, we've written libraries for web, Android, and iOS. See the guides on Crypto Payments, Resolution Service API, and Resolution Libraries for more detail on integrating UD into your application for sending and receiving cryto payments.